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Introducing Our Company

Blueprint NY Construction Group

Blueprint NY Construction Group is a widely experienced construction company that specializes in all home and commercial remodeling throughout the five boroughs. We do all types of interior and exterior phases of renovation.


  • Architectural Design
  • Home & Commercial Remodeling
  • Digital Design Graphics
  • Consulting
  • Project Management


I was looking to get my roof replaced for a while, so I called Blueprint NY. Mr. Cruz was very knowledgable on what needed to get done. Mr. Cruz and his crew got the job done fast and efficiently. Thank you Blueprint for my roof, I am really happy with it.

my fathers home was not built semetrically it seems the person who was in charge of the construction didnt believe in levels or tape measure lol…Basically its not a leveled home. I went ahead and removed the old carpeting and wanted hard wood flooring, but i was worried that it would not be leveled.With the help of Blue print construction the floors came out gorgeous just the way i wanted…Thank you guys you did a great job… 🙂 🙂

Blueprint renovated my bathroom completely. I couldn’t imagine renovating my bathroom without them. They gave me a great price, gave great insight with the design, and got it done on time. I highly recommend Blueprint NY Construction Group to anyone! – Leo R.